Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Standard Hotel Downtown, January 2013

On January 21, 2013, a group of my friends and I gathered up our summer gear and celebrated a little bit of July at Christmas down at The Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. I think people get the idea that Californians (and Angelenos in particular) take our non-stop summer weather for granted, but we like to take advantage as best as we can. The Standard Hotel rooftop pool is open to the public and is free every day (except Saturdays, where you can expect a $20 cover charge), so we got there early and sipped up overpriced cocktails with reckless abandon. This is how we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Los Angeles — ideally, from within the midst of the beautiful Downtown LA skyline.

swimsuit is JOYRICH x Keith Haring.

Visit Thalia and Jonnah at Infinite Pi (∞ Π) and visit Chris Boss at clitmonsterbbygrl. All photos taken by melissac. (except the one of myself, which is by Jonnah!)

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