Saturday, January 25, 2014

30 Before 30: Evergreen Memorial Park

Established in 1877, Evergreen Memorial Park is the oldest cemetery in Los Angeles and many prominent early Angelenos are interred here. Being a lover of the South and it's great history, I really desired to come to this cemetery for its Old World feel... we just don't have many old cemeteries on the West Coast. It took nearly a year, but I've notched at least one item off my 30 Before 30: Los Angeles Edition list-- spending a day taking photos here in this memorial park.

The Downtown skyline almost looks like a ghost outside of the cemetery.

Spending a day in the sun at Evergreen Memorial Park was an excellent exercise for me to practice my photography and I look forward to more adventures here in Los Angeles. Hope you enjoy the photos-- feel free to leave comments, keep up with me on Instagram, or contact me about things you'd like to see me cover in future posts!

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